2 thoughts on “correspondence”

  1. Dear Friends & Poets

    A message from Stephen (Watts)

    To let you know that I’m going to Sibiu tomorrow to read at the Sibiu Poetry Festival & with friends Radu Vancu & others. If any of you are going to be there, do please say hello & let’s talk more. Also to Margento : I love Gellu Naum & I have your translation of ‘Athanor & other pohems’. Translation is at the heart of what we all do … (*)

    I am not very good at writing these ‘correspondences’ but I wish you all bests & hope to work more on the project with you.


    (* Margento, I have co-translated Naum’s ‘Voyage With Stelica’ with my friend Claudiu Komartin. It was published in the journal Modern Poetry In Translation a couple of years back)


  2. Dear Stephen,

    Sorry it’s only now that I see your message. Thanks a million for your very kind words! Yes, I did see “The Voyage…” co-translated by you and Claudiu in MPT, I actually ran across it “serendipitously” like a year ago while leafing through the magazine’s archive at the uOttawa Library (and only then I discovered it was also available online). Great job! I love your work and am so happy you are also very present on the Romanian literary scene as well.

    All best and Happy New Year!


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